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"The SIX Element Music Group" out now!

The SIX Element Music Group launch in January 2019.

The SIX Element Music Group, founded by Tim Fray opened up as an Artist Development program consisting of 6 core values to which when all 6 elements are mastered it can and will create a sustainable career.  They evaluate and consult with artist for the purpose of developing them into world class performers with maximum impact.

The SIX Elements are;  VISION, COMMITMENT, FOUNDATION, PASSION, TEAM and PERFORMANCE.   Each one of these elements you can find in any of the top artist in any field, ie Actor, Musician, Dancer, Painter, Athlete, Model, etc etc.   The program they have created concentrates on analyzing chosen artist, determining where are they on a scale (between 1% - 100%) for each element, and create a specific development plan to get them to 100% at each and every element.   The SIX Element team, led by Tim Fray wants to do their part in continuing the growth of our talent and seeing them rise to their full potential.  Right now our team consist of various backgrounds that will be able to provide the necessary consulting and mentoring for the talent that we bring into our program.

Too many possibly great artist fall by the way side for years because they didn't get that push.”

Keep checking out what The SIX Element Music Group develops over the years to come. Support your local talent first. People around the Globe are waiting for them.